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Our Merstham Ambers team plays in the Surrey Flexi League division 3. This team is a determined team with players of all abilities. Three words to describe this team is: courageous, determined and caring. They are coached by Super Sarah and always have a smile on their faces. 

28.1.24 - Camberley

Yesterday, Merstham Ambers took on a very strong Camberley Ladies in the warm January sunshine. From the get-go, Camberley’s experienced players passed the ball accurately but the Ambers defence stayed strong Their resilient spirit meant Ambers put out an outstanding defensive effort and one goal line scramble meant the second half started only 1-0 to Camberley. A lucky bounce in the second half and an experienced goal right at the end, meant the match finished 3-0. However, Ambers should be so proud of the mighty effort put in and 3-0 to a strong side is a sign of the growth and progress of the team We are so proud

POM was awarded to our captain and superstar Lisa for heroics in goal but all the players seriously battled hard (and some took a flying lesson!)

ambers camberley.jpg
26.11.2023 - Kingswood Aqua

Kingswood welcomed the Ambers and had a very closely fought battle in the fading light and rolling mist. Kingswood managed to squeeze a couple of goals in before half time but the Ambers held them off for the rest of the match. As a newly formed team this season, we absolutely played the best we ever had and came away proud. POM was Millie for fabulous throws and determination.

kimgswood aqua.jpg
13.11.2023 - Caterham 

The Ambers came under fire from a strong Caterham side from the kick off, with shots coming thick and fast. The pace was fast, the tackles hard and Katie in goal was magnificent in keeping the goals at bay. Eventually the deadlock was broken by Caterham, and then the goals came in quick succession. Merstham never gave up the fight and the team morale was superb, supporting each other with motivation and positivity throughout, The game ended 0-5 to Caterham.

16.10.23 - Merstham Blacks

What a brilliant day for Merstham Ladies football We are a very special team and yesterday’s match really should be celebrated! Huge well done to the Blacks team for the 6-0 win against the Ambers. They had fantastic communication on the pitch and really knew each other’s play so well. Also big shout out to the Ambers for fighting like never before, and a huge pack on the backs to the POM’s Katie⁩ and Chrissie! Massive thank you to all those that came and supported…we are one team This was a very proud moment for the club…WE ARE MERSTHAM LADIES

blacks v ambers.jpg
24.9.23 - Kingswood   Blue

The Ambers took on a strong Kingswood side, who got a few early goals. However, not ones to give up, Merstham scored a penalty by Millie late in the first half and then defended to the last throughout the second. An unfortunate penalty meant the match ended 4-1 but the Ambers should be so proud of the battle they put up!

POM was Lisa (Earps) for her saves

September 7.jpg
3.9.23 - Beecholme 

The Ambers took on a determined Beecholme. The final result was 0-0 but both teams battled their socks off with some great chances from both! The Ambers were incredibly solid in defence, resulting in them not conceding a goal. Some excellent football all round but POM was Tara for her exemplary defending.

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